Learn the skills of teaching kids online and under social distancing
with Master Zeev Cohen on KMG University.

Sunday, 17.00 – 18.30 CET (Berlin, Stockholm, Rome)
February 28,
March 7, 14, 21

Price: 79.99 EUR


KMG Certified Kids Instructor Update

This Online Kids Instructor Update is adapted to two types of environments: Online and Physical with Social Distancing.
The course is composed of 4 lessons, 90 minutes each.


4 x 90 minutes


KMG certified


Train from Anywhere

What you will learn

  • Online Micro-Teaching

  • Tactics to increase kids’ participation and attentiveness

  • Creative application of training aids, to achieve the best results in times of social distancing

  • Point of view: analyzing active lessons in content and methodology

  • Enrich your teaching skills in two new areas

About Zeev

One for All!

Your Instructor for this course is Zeev Cohen, KMG Master Level 2 and head of the KMG Kids Division. Zeev trained Krav Maga under the personal guidance of KM founder, Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld) and Eyal Yanilov since the early 1990s. He is also a member of the Global Instructor Team (GIT).

    KMG is committed to delivering the best Krav Maga training to our students and instructors. Staying up to date is our obligation and interest.  Learn how you can help the kids’ classes in your club progress.

    Lesson 1 – Area: Online Teaching

    Use of Attack Techniques at Different Distances

    Date: February 28, 2021
    Time: 17.00 – 18.30 CET

    • 30 minutes of active lesson
    • Analyzing the Lesson’s Methodology – length and setting
    • Warm-Up approach for kids and Mobility drills
    • Assignments of Online Micro-Teaching
    • Q & A

    Lesson 2 – Area: Social Distancing

    Reacting to Attacks: Prevention, Defending and Counter Attacking

    Date: March 7, 2021
    Time: 17.00 – 18.30 CET

    • 30 minutes of active lesson
    • Analyzing the Lesson’s – Circular and freestyle warm-up tactics, and operating with noodles.
    • Practicing Online Micro teaching
    • Q & A

    Lesson 3 – Area: Online Teaching

    Defending Circular attacks: 360ᵒ and other outside defenses, Bobbing and Weaving

    Date: March 14, 2021
    Time: 17.00 – 18.30 CET

    30 minutes of active lesson

    • Analyzing the Lesson’s Methodology – warm-up, decision making and increasing kids’ involvement during class.
    • Practicing Online Micro-Teaching
    • Q & A

    Lesson 4 – Area: Social Distancing

    Dealing with a standing attacker while on the ground

    Date: March 21, 2021
    Time: 17.00 – 18.30 CET

    • 30 minutes of active lesson
    • Analyzing the Lesson – warm-up for kids aligned in a different position, and high-level drills with training aids.
    • Practicing Online Micro-Teaching
    • Q & A

    Teaching Krav Maga to children and young people is a challenging but rewarding perspective. Creativity, attentiveness and other teaching skills are required to create interesting and successful classes online and offline.


    • Please note, this course will be taught in English.
    • KMG Instructors only. Do not register if you’re not an affiliated KMG instructor.
    • KMG Kids Instructor Update certificates will be issued only to active Kids Instructors with the approval of your director.
    • All participants will receive an Online Participation Certificate.

    Get ready

    What you need
    • Have a good and stable internet connection.
    • Set up your computer, smartphone or tablet.
    • Your access details, which you will receive 3 hours before the lesson starts.
    • If you like to participate from your smartphone/tablet, we recommend downloading the zoom app.
    Tips for preparation
    • Needed equipment:Boxing gloves or MMA gloves, notebook.
    • Safety in training: Remember your gym’s training regulations, whether you practice by yourself or with others.

    This Online Course is designed to meet your individual situation, no matter from where you join:

    • from home, your gym, the park, etc.

    Sorry, we’re already fully booked.

    Only limited spots available.

    Kids Instructor Update
    Certified KMG Online Course
    with Zeev Cohen

    4 x 90 minutes


    Out of stock

    Out of stock

    Sunday, 17.00 – 18.30 CET
    4 x 90 minutes
    February 28
    March 7, 14, 21

    Great that you are doing this!
    Looking forward to the other training sessions really great way to share information.

    The next day I incorporated all the exercises into the lessons. Keep it up! Thanks.

    Fantastic positive coach, very motivated and engaged.

    Was fun to follow that well structured workshop.

    The workshop is well balanced between physical activity, teaching of techniques, and improvement of skills.

    From my point of view nearly the optimum 🙂