Live Online Instructor Update
with Ilya Dunsky

November 28, 2020, 17:00 – 19:00 CET

Limited tickets available for our KMG Instructors.
Do NOT register, if you are not an affiliated KMG Instructor.
Including 7 days of recorded training for free.

Live Online Instructor Update

On business, no babysitter or no travel options? No problem, we will keep you connected and fit! Join KMG Head Instructor Eyal Yanilov and his Top Team in your living room, office, garden, or on your balcony.

Or, ask your instructor to join the online group training with his additional support and your regular training partners in the gym or outdoors.


Krav Maga LIVE Workout


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Learn from Top Coaches


Train from Anywhere

About Ilya

No Words Needed!

Your instructor for this live training is Ilya Dunsky, Expert 5:

  • One of the most traveled Global Instructors in our team.
  • Former IDF Krav Maga Instructor.








What you can expect

Enjoy Ilya's technical & physical training, including:
  • Deal with less than the best solution.
  • Implementation of the mental state of a fighter.
  • Striving for best solutions during training.
  • Refining techniques agains armed and unarmed attacks.
Questions & Answers
  • Engage with Ilya, one of our highest ranked and professional Global Instructors
  • You have questions about Krav Maga in general or about specific solutions?
  • You are interested in the past, present or future of Krav Maga?
  • This is your time to spend quality time with Ilya. He has vast and amazing knowledge. Don’t miss it!

How to get ready

How it works
  • you need good internet access
  • a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • your personal access codes (which you will receive by email 3 hours prior to the event)

This Online Workshop is designed to meet your individual situation, no matter from where you join:

  • from home by yourself or with your partner
  • from your gym with your local instructor and training partners
  • from the park with your local instructor and training partners
Booking your place

You can secure your participation in these 3 simple steps:

  1. Select your ticket
  2. Fill in the booking form
  3. Pay by credit card or PayPal
Tips for preperation

In order not to have to hurry before the start of the event, we recommend that you prepare for the online workshop in advance:

  • Log in early with your username and password
  • If you want to participate from your smartphone / tablet, we recommend downloading the zoom app
  • Join the classroom in time to make yourself comfortable
  • If you come late, please make sure your microphone is muted (default setting) so as not to disturb other participants
  • Needed equipment: Have MMA gloves, boxing gloves, a training knife, and a target to hit (focus mitts, punching bag, door frame, wall) close by.
  • Safety in training: Remember your gym’s training regulations, whether you practice by yourself or with others.

Only limited spots available!

This exclusive online event is limited to only 100 spots.
Register now to be part of an exclusive group.

Register now!


Do NOT register, if you are not an affiliated KMG Instructor.

2020-11-28, LIVE Instructor Update with Ilya


Saturday, 28th November
17.00 – 19.00 CET

For KMG affiliated instructors only!

In stock

I came into the system only 4 years ago, and I love it, just wish it was available when I first started my martial arts 35 years ago, I don’t think people know how good and effective it is until they begin training, it really is a complete and powerful system.

Mark S.

Practicing KMG I found it to be: The most holistic solution to self preservation in violent situations. A sustainable framework for enhancing and maintaining *functional* fitness and capability, complementing and enhancing other sport activities. A rewarding activity which enhances focus, calmness and self esteem.

Yanir L.

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